International Taxation

Cross-border business brings great opportunity, but is accompanied by great complexity in the realm of tax management. Bulloch, Dupertuis, Schulman, Seger & Co. can help mitigate your tax exposure and increase your confidence and competence in international business.

With a keen understanding of multinational tax services, our firm is uniquely positioned to support foreign taxation, financing arrangements, souring, import-export considerations and new-market acquisition.

  • Howard Schulman

    Howard has over 40 years of experience as a CPA settling tax controversies as well as mortgage company audits. He appears as a regular on the Wall Street Shuffle giving advice on tax .

    Bryan D. Bulloch

    Bryan has more than 16 years of financial management experience from controller to CFO to CPA–6 years as a tax executive in public companies.

    John Dupertuis

    John oversees all compilation, review and audit engagements. He has a B.B.A. in Accounting and has over 19 years experience in the accounting field.

    Gary J. Seger

    Gary has nearly two decades of experience–serving as CFO of various companies over that last 10 years. Gary has a wealth of experience working in the Healthcare industry.

    Bryan Godley

    Bryan has 15 years of Tax and Accounting experience–most of which has been spent in public accounting. He has worked in a variety of small to large accounting firms.